Available Office Space Near Bristol and Weston-super-Mare

Unit 4 - approx 760 sq ft. One of our smaller stone barns, Unit 4 is a work space in which there are both kitchen and toilet amenities.                    

Unit 5a - approx 1500 sq ft. One of our largest offices, this straw bale barn contains both kitchen and toilet amenities.  

Unit 5b - approx 1500 sq ft. Situated next to Unit 5a, this almost identical office also holds both kitchen and toilet amenities. 

Unit 1 - approx 600 sq ft. This stone barn has both kitchen and toilet amenities.                                                              

Unit 2 - approx 400 sq ft. Adjoined to Unit 1 and Unit 3. Has access to both kitchen and toilet amenities.                           

Unit 3 - approx 1200 sq ft. This stone barn also has access to kitchen and toilet amenities.                                                   

(Units 1, 2 and 3 can be rented separately or in a configuration of your own choosing).                                                                                                                                                                                               



All of our offices are disabled friendly.

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